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The transactions

Last update: 19.06.2020

If the player's profit without rakeback before the split exceeds his profit after the split, he is obligated to transfer the difference.

If the player's profit without rakeback before the split is less than after the split, the player receives the difference.

We include to the transactions the pool fees for the next month, including the fees for additional services, the penalties, the money which was sent in advance, the return of the deposits and the corrections from the previous months.

If you play in a poker room with internal transfers, the transfers are made there. Otherwise you can choose Skrill usd/euro or Neteller euro. You can use only one wallet at a time. You can change it for free only before the playing period starts. If the transactions were calculated and you need to change the wallet we take 4% commission.

HS has the right to request 75% of the player’s upswing and the player must complete the transfer within 3 days. Basically, the rule applies when players of $30 + stakes win big multipliers.

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