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Verification of the results

Last update: 22.06.2020

The verification starts as soon as the playing period is over. On the 3rd day at 10.00 ET (17.00 MSK) we fix the results and start the calculation of the transactions.

For the verification we use:

Pokerstars — the audit and the hand histories

Winamax — the hand histories

Partypoker — the report from the Poker room. The data of the report is final. We don’t accept the objections.

If the player don’t have time to verify the results, we use the tracking data from Hypertracker. The players control their results themselves. The results which are included to the calculations are shown in the pool report on the website: https://client.hyperschool.ru/poolreport/en

If a player consider that his results are wrong, he can provide to support@hyperschool.ru additional information: screenshots from personal tracker (PT4, HM2, H2N). The differences less than 1000 EVchips are not corrected. The final decision to use or not to use the screenshot is up to Hyperschool.

The transactions to receive are deferred if:

On Pokerstars

  • A player hasn’t verified the audit
  • A player hasn’t verified the hand histories for the current and the previous periods. The amount of incoming transaction is limited by 30 buy-ins of the max stake in the pool, but not more then 3000$.

On Winamax

  • The player hasn’t verified the hand histories for the previous pool

On Partypoker

If Partypoker don’t provide the report on time the split goes to the next period. If the report would not be provided at all, the split would be canceled and the player stays with its own results.

We don’t compare the data with PT4, HM2, H2N after the verification of the results

We don’t approve transactions with players. If you consider there is an error, you should contact support@hyperschool.ru with the detailed description of it.

If a player upload the audit and the hand histories after the results are fixed and his results are changed, the corrections will automatically go to the next period

If a player delays the verification and he doesn't get in the automatic corrections, he can ask for an individual correction. The fee for it is 50$.

Closed periods are not recalculated. Changes in the results of players, scam, return of the debts are included to the next periods.

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