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Activation and deactivation of the stakes

Last update: 29.05.2020

We count in the pool only that stakes and disciplines which were approved by email support@hyperschool.ru

Activation and deactivation of the stakes is possible only from the new day (Eastern time) for Pokerstars and Winamax, only from the new calendar month (GMT) for Partypoker.

If you don’t specify the start date of the changes, we assume you want to make them as soon as possible. The changes will be done from the next date according to Eastern time, even if you receive the confirmation email after the day has started (actual for the requests which have been sent late at night or on the weekends)

If your request doesn't contain full information and we can't identify for sure which stakes and in which room you want to add or remove, we won't make the changes. You'll receive a request of additional information and the changes will be made from the new day after your answer.  

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