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Moving files from HM3

Last update: 09.06.2020

How to find the hand histories and tournament summaries

By default HM3 archive the hand histories HM3. To check the folder which you should open, go to Tools, then configuration and in opened window choose import.


Open the folder and find the year and month you want to upload.

Add files with the hand histories (HH) and the tournament summaries (TS) to zip or rar archive. Remember that we can't calculate NetWon without the TS. It's critical for Winamax. The Pokerstars HH can be uploaded without TS as we calculate NetWon using the audit.

  • If you're playing on Pokerstars and Winamax simultaneously and the files are in the same folder, you have to make 2 separate archives. The archive which contain the data for both rooms won't be uploaded.

How to upload the data to Hypertracker

Open the Verification tab and choose the poker room.


In case of Winamax you can upload only zip or rar archive. The archive must contain both HH and TS.

In case of Pokerstars, you can upload an archive or separate txt files as well. You can highlight all of them at one time.


If you receive errors while uploading the hands, check the algorithm how we parse the HH and TS.

If the problem stays, contact support@hyperschool.ru

Describe what you've done in details, attach screenshots. If you do everything right up to the end of the period and there are several hours before the results will be fixed, attach an archive that you can’t download. Closing of the period every 3rd day of the month at 15.00.

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