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Hypertracker first setting

Last update: 25.01.2023

Download Hypertracker, version 64 bit or 32 bit

After downloading the program, unpack the archive, open the Hypertracker folder and run the program.

Register on the website and login to Hypertracker with this data. 

The game results will be displayed on the tab session, but in the beginning let's configure the tracking folders. Go to the settings tab, in the left menu you will see a list of rooms. The first thing to do is to set up the folders from which the program will take data. 

You can click the autodetect button and if the folders are located along standard paths, the Hypertracker will detect them. Or you can add the path manually.

Make sure that the poker room will save the files exactly to the folders you specified. 

After setting up the folders, make sure the tracking is enabled (Track is on position ON). 

Add a screenname if it hasn’t been added yet. This will allow us to save the history of your sessions in our database and show it to you. 

Typical problems

1. The hand histories and tournament summaries are not saved to the folders you've specified. Check the settings in the poker room. 

2. The language of the hand histories and tournament summaries is not English. It should be English. You should set it up it in the poker room. 

3. HM/PT4/H2N moves the files to its folders and Hypertracker doesn't have time to access it.

Solution №1: disable the moving of the files in the settings of other trackers. Manually clean the folders from time to time, or set the retention period for the files in the poker room settings.

Solution №2: add additional folders to the HyperTracker settings, those where files are moved. Remember that if there are too many files Hypertracker will parse them all. We recommend to clean the folders first or to move the files to other folders if you need them.

4. You've made a mistake while adding your screenname or you've changed the screenname. In this case contact support@hyperschool.ru

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